A Fairytale Island

Aeroe is one of the most beautiful Fairytale Island’s in Denmark you will find, located in the baltic sea and this website is probably the best Aeroe Guide and re-source you will find. 

This Aeroe guide is about everything and anything on Aeroe Island in Denmark. A complete guide about this beautiful fairytale-charm island, and also the sunniest island in Denmark. A place where nature is still raging; beautiful spring seasons covered in flowers with unbelievable bright colors – steaming hot summers with daylight up to 11pm in the evenings – cold stormy winters where you wish to hide behind a cozy fireplace.

Get to know the real Aeroe, the hot spots, the places only locals know, the places you wouldn’t find on other websites. Stay in touch with us and find us on Facebook! Learn about Aeroe and find travel tips, Bed and Breakfast establishments or hotel accommodations. Learn about locale news and events in the Aeroe community, as well as the history of the island.

Aeroe in Denmark is of about 30 km in length, its width up to 8 km, the Ship In A Bottle Island, that is what it has been called. Aeroe is located in the Danish Baltic Sea. The historic buildings in Aeroeskoebing are in meticulous shape and well kept in beautiful colors. The owner of this website always says: “Walking through Aeroeskoebing and other parts of the island – you wouldn’t be surprised if Harry Potter would come around the corner.

The landscape od Aeroe Island is dominated by hills, there are three small towns. The largest town is Marstal, second largest town Aeroeskoebing followed by Søby with a total of 14 villages. Aeroe is inhabited by a total of 7,050 people. The are several farms on the island and people are most friendly, trusting and honest. It is one of the few places in the world where you can leave your house unlocked, or, even leave your car keys in the ignition.

Aeroe Denmark is a beautiful place for hiking and cycling, relaxing in an beautiful historical environment and provides peaceful beaches. The chances are, that if you take a walk on the beach, you will not even meet one person. Due to incredible sceneries, many artists live on the Aeroe Island because the landscape and environment is truly inspiring.

The town of Aeroeskoebing represents the historic center of Aeroe, with narrow lanes and cinematic houses and cobble stoned streets from the 18th century. Aeroeskoebing is also a very popular landing spot for sailors who cruise the European and Danish islands and heavily visited during summer. There are approximate 300,000 tourists and rising, visiting Aeroe Island every year.

The main port is in the city of Marstal and its also the economic center of Aeroe Island. At the highest elevation of the island near Molde, there is the “Peace Bench” made by the sculptor Erik Brandt. It is intended to invite people to take a look about the island and the sea, pondering over world peace.

Located in the South of Funen Archipelago, Aeroe Denmark is favored by particularly fine weather and unique climates. The number of sunshine hours on Aeroe Island is higher than the average of the rest of Denmark, and the year-round temperature is also a few degrees higher than the national average.

The cities of Aeroeskoebing, Marstal and Soby on Aeroe have each their own harbors and are famous for their ship restoration facilities. You will still find old galleons and Viking boats being restored in this harbor, utilizing ancient techniques of ship carpentry in combination with modern technology.

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