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In summertime, you’ll find sidewalk cafes and bars that come and go with the seasons (and which sometimes don’t return the following year) along either side of the Vestergade and the Søndergade. One of the most reliable and enduring of these seasonal joints is the Café Andelen, Søndergade 28A (tel. 62-52-17-11), which presents live jazz that begins around 9pm most nights June to August. Two year-round pubs that tend to be favored by local residents and fishers are Aarebo Pub, Vestergade 4 (tel. 62-52-28-50), which offers some kind of live music every Friday and Saturday throughout the year, and its nearby competitor, Landborgården Pub, Vestergade 54 (tel. 62-52-10-41), which is a site just for drinking and socializing.


Shopping options in Aeroskobing blossom like flowers in summer, but are greatly reduced after the crush of seasonal tourist retreats. Two particularly worthwhile options that remain open most of the year include Aeroskobing Antiks, Vestergade 60 (tel. 62-52-10-32), which sells a remarkable collection of antiques, many of them nautical in their inspiration, and some of them imported during the great days of Aero’s maritime heyday from faraway St. Petersburg, Estonia, or northeastern Germany. Gift items, souvenirs of Aero, newspapers, and books in Danish, German, and English are available from Creutz Boghanel, Vestergade 47 (tel. 62-52-10-22). And in addition to those year-round staples, some of the best shopping is available simply by wandering among the seasonal kiosks and boutiques that line either side of the Søndergade and the Vestergade, the town’s main shopping emporiums.

 Hammerichs Hus:

Of minor interest, Gyden 22 (tel. 62-52-27-54), stands on the corner of Brogade and Gyden. It was the home of sculptor Genner Hammerich and is now a museum with a collection of his art and tiles. The half-timbered house also has a collection of period furnishings, antiques, and china, all gathered by the artist in the hamlets of Funen and Jutland. In one of the rooms you’ll find a pair of porcelain dogs, which were brought home from England by sailors. Once, prostitutes placed these dogs on their windowsills. If the dogs faced each other, callers were welcome, as it signaled that the coast was clear, meaning a previous customer had cleared out. Since prostitutes were not allowed to charge for their favors, they sold the dogs to their customers as payment. It’s said that the North Sea is paved with porcelain dogs that the sailors did not dare bring home. It’s open June to August; Wednesday to Monday 11am to 3pm. Admission is 15DKK ($1.90).

 Aeroskøbling Kirke:

Søndergade 43 (tel. 62-52-11-72), was built between 1756 and 1758 to replace a rather dilapidated church from the Middle Ages. In the present reconstructed church, the 13th-century font and the pulpit stem from the original structure. They were donated by Duke Philip of Lyksborg in 1634, the year he bought Gråsten County on the island of Aero. The year before, he had inherited the market town of Aeroskobing and an estate in Voderup. The altarpiece is a copy of Eckersberg’s picture hanging in Vor Frue Kirke in Svendborg. The colors selected for the interior of the church, along with the floral motifs, were the creation of Elinar V. Jensen in connection with an extensive restoration project carried out in 1950. The church can be visited every day 8:30am to 5pm; admission is free.

Nautical Museum:

Flaskeskibssamlingen, Smedegade 22 (tel. 62-52-29-51). The seafaring life is documented in this museum of Peter Jacobsen’s ships in bottles, which represents his life’s work. Upon his death in 1960 at the age of 84, this former cook, nicknamed “Bottle Peter,” had crafted more than 1,600 bottled ships and some 150 model sailing vessels built to scale, earning him the reputation in Aeroskobing of “the ancient mariner.” The museum also has Aero clocks, furniture, china, and carved works by sculptor H. C. Petersen. Admission is 25DKK ($3.15) adults, 10DKK ($1.25) children; open daily 10am to 5pm.

Aero Museum:

Brogade 35 (tel. 62-52-29-50), is the best local museum, found at the corner of Nørregade and Brogade. In the old days it was inhabited by the bailiff, but today you’ll find a rich collection of the island’s past. The collection includes antiques and paintings from the mid-1800s. It’s open Tuesday to Sunday June 13 to August 23, 10am to 4pm. Off-season hours are Tuesday to Sunday 10am to 1pm. Admission is 15DKK ($1.90).