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Denmark - Aero Island

Boliger Til Salg
Boliger Til Salg

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Aero Denmark
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Ærø is one of the hidden secrets of European Islands and known for its historical beauty and charming fairytale flair!

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Aero Island Denmark
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Aeroe - A historical museum island with the worlds largest solar panel plant

The Worlds largest Solar Panel Plant and Solar Technology

Aeroe has the world's largest solar power plants, with an area of 18,365 m². It covers a third of Marstal's power consumption.
Aeroe is endeavouring to make the island self-sufficient in energy, and in 2002 a figure of 40 % self-sufficiency in renewable energy was reached. Today in 2008, Aeroe Islands self sufficiency has reached over 80% in terms of electricity and heating. These initiatives have earned Ærø both international recognition and a number of prestigious awards, both domestic, such as the Solar Town 2000 award, and international, such as the Energy Globe 2001 and a European Union sustainable community award. Given that background, it is fitting that world’s largest solar collector system for heating is on Ærø.

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Aeroe's three district heating systems of solar collectors have won international acclaim. With the recent expansion the system in Marstal is now the world's largest solar collector system for heating.
In 2002 three modern wind mills were erected. The wing tip of these mills is 100 m (300 feet) above the ground and between them the mills cover 50 % of the island's electricity consumption.

THE MARSTAL DISTRICT solar heating plant provides heating for 1,450 end users in Marstal. But it draws attention from a lot more people. Being the world’s largest solar heating plant, the site is visited by professionals, journalists and tourists in a constant stream. It attracts more than 2,000 visitors every year.
The Marstal district heating network relies on solar energy from 1 April to 1 October. Solar energy amounts to 30 percent of the annual output of roughly 28,000 MWh. The rest of the year, heat is supplied by six boilers with a total output of 18.3 MWh

Ærø Denmark - A Sailors Paradise

Well off the beaten track, Aeroe is an idyllicand charming island with small villages, rolling hills and patchwork farms. It's a great place to explore by bicycle as the country roads are dotted with thatched houses, historical windmills and ancient passage graves and dolmens.
Aeroeskobing - a prosperous been premerchant town in the late 1600's - has served in its entirety. Its narrow cobble stone streets are lined with close-standing 17th and 18th century houses, many of them gently listing half-timbered affairs with handblown glass windows, decorative doorways and street-side hollyhocks.
In keeping with the town's character, sights are low-key. The main attraction is Flaskeskibssamlingen, a museum dedicated to the lifetime work of Peter Jacobsen, a local sailor nicknamed Bottle Peter, who created 1700 ships-in-a-bottle, many of which are in handblown bottles.

Aeroe (from Danish Ær = maple and Ø = island) is one of the Danish Baltic Sea islands, and part of Region Syddanmark. The western portion of the island was the municipality of Aeroeskobing; the eastern portion of the island was the municipality of Marstal. On January 1, 2006, they merged to form the Aeroe municipality.
• Population: 6,863 (island 2006); 6,873 (municipality)
• Area: 88 km² (island); 91 km² (municipality)
• Length of coast line: 167 km (104 miles

Aeroes Geography

Aeroe's length is of about 30 km, its width up to 8 km. The landscape is dominated by hills, there are three small towns. At the latest census, the island was inhabited by a total of 7,050 people. The largest town is Marstal with its 2,340 inhabitants - Aeroeskobing has 978 and Søby 598. 14 villages and a number of farms are also to be found on the island.
Aeroe is a nice place for hiking and cycling, and provides quiet beaches, which also attract fishermen and artists.
The town of Aeroeskobing represents the historic center of the island, with narrow lanes and picturesque houses from the 18th century. Main port is Marstal, the economic center of the island is Marstal.
At the highest elevation of the island near Molde, there is the "peace bench" made by the sculptor Erik Brandt. It is intended to invite people to take a look about the island and the sea, pondering over world peace.
Located in the South-of-Funen Archipelago, Aeroe is favoured by particularly fine weather. The number of sunshine hours on Aeroe is higher than the average of the rest of Denmark, and the year-round temperature is also a few degrees higher than the national average.

Transport on Aeroe

Aeroe is the only island among the larger Danish Baltic Sea islands that is not connected with a bridge, and road traffic is generally low. There are car ferry lines to Als, Funen and Langeland. Aeroe also lies within a popular sailboat area, the Sydfynske Øhav (Southern Funen Archipelago). A small airport with grassed runways is located near Marstal.


Aeroe Island Denmark
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