After Hours Shop-Marstal

LOLLIPOPS-marstalAfter Hours Shop-Marstal:
In case you do not know, on Aeroe stores are closed from Saturday afternoon to Monday morning. Or, after 5/6pm during the week as well. And what I mean is when things are closed on Aero, everything is really closed but we are happy to tell you that there is one little convenient-store on the island that is always open when all others are closed. Here you will find all the live-savers after hours, such as cigarettes (yuk), sweets and candy, toilet paper, newspapers, drinks and so on.


Skolegade 32
Marstal (Centrum)
Tel. 62.533 053

Business Hours:
Mon – Thu 12pm to 10pm
Fri 12pm to 11pm
Sat &Sun 10am to 11pm

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