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Denmark - Aero Island

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Boliger Til Salg

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Aero Denmark
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Bed and Breakfast Accommodations - b&b

Toldbodhus on Aeroe (Aeroeskoebing)

Toldbodhus Aeroeskoebing • Location
The Toldbodhus is located in Aeroeskoebing on the island of Aeroe. Conveniently close to the harbor in walking distance from the Aeroeskoebing Ferry.

• Short description
Centrum of Aeroeskoebing / 4 rooms / breakfast room / nicely and tasteful furnished in different themes (London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Hong kong)

• Amenities

• Pricing

Double room:
* January 1st to April 30th: Dkr. 790/ night
* May 1st to September 30th: Dkr. 890/ night
* October 1st to December 31st : Dkr. 790/ night

Single room:
* January 1st to April 30th: Dkr. 650/ night
* May 1st to September 30th: Dkr. 750/ night
* October 1st to December 31st : Dkr. 650/ night

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Toldbodhus Aeroeskoebing Bed and Breakfast

Reservation & Contact

b&b Email: Karin or John Steenberg Toldbodhus Aeroeskoebing
Pension/Bed & Breakfast

Brogade 8
5970 Ærøskøbing
Toldbodhus Aeroeskoebing +(45) 62 52 18 11 (Fax: +45 62 52 18 02)

Description for Toldbodhus:

Everybody needs to wind down and relax to make time for conversation and togetherness. If you can do this in beautiful, charming rooms in the prized fairytale town of Aeroeskoebing, it must be a wish we would do our utmost to fulfill.

Other Information:

Walking distance to the harbor, shopping. Quite location.

Reviews / Comments: Toldbodhus Aeroeskoebing

Toldbodhus review 1 Review October 23, 2008: Hamann from Germany
Thank you so very much for 3 wonderful days in " London " room for sure we will be back , would love to try " Hong Kong " as well.

Toldbodhus review 2 Review October 10, 2008: Zeuth - Denmark
Many thanks for your hospitality. and cozy way of treating our family of 8 persons in all ages.

Toldbodhus review 3 Review September 9, 2008: Frosch - Sweden
What a charming experience- we will remember that excellent breakfast for a long time.

Toldbodhus review 3 Review September 20, 2008: Nedried - Norway
Thanks a lot for a cozy stay " Amsterdam " was the perfect room. The small town was like a fairytale.

Toldbodhus review 3 Review September 20, 2008: Bransceum - North Carolina - USA
Thank you so very much for providing this peaceful, gracious haven.

Toldbodhus review 3 Review August 14, 2008: Damgaard - Denmark
We came here for work, but forgot it all together here at your charming " Toldbodhus "

Toldbodhus review 3 Review June 17, 2008: Carmada USA
Thank you both for making our stay in Aeroeskoebing very special. The room was wonderful, and the breakfast delicious!

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