City of Marstal

City of Marstal

The city of Marstal is a cozy town with narrow streets has a population of 2,306 and is the largest town on Ærø Island with a long standing maritime history. It is the economic center of Aeroe and has an international reputation for shipbuilding. Many tourist visit especially during the summer season. Marstal is home to one of Northern Europe’s largest solar power complexes utilizing solar power to heat water for the local District heating.

Over many centuries Marstal-vessels have sailed the seven seas and still today the town is the home port for a considerable number of coasters. Shipping is still a key element of the town reflected by its dockyards and shipping companies. The local maritime school has traditionally trained the navigators for the Danish merchant fleet.

There is a 200Km long Archipelago Trail that was made for hikers and winds from the South Funen Archipelago, crossing through Langeland and South Funen, then from Falsled in the west to Lundeborg in the east and also across Ærø. Part of the Archipelago Trail cuts through Marstal’s harbor and runs along the coast out into the open country, over the dam at Gråsten Nor and through the roads to Ærøskøbing . From here the trail winds along the coast past Borgnæs and the beautiful area of the Aero Natural Park. Continue across Aero past the historic site at Søbygaard to Vitsø Nor before the path ends in Laketown.

You can get more information about this Archipelago Trail here

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