City of Soeby

Soeby on Aeroe – Famous for its ship restoration facilities

Soeby is the northernmost town on Aero with 496 inhabitants. It belongs, like the rest of the island to the Aero Municipality located in the region of Southern Denmark. You will still find old galleons and Viking boats being restored in this harbor, utilizing ancient 16th century techniques in combination with modern technology. There are daily ferry service to Fynshav, Als and Faaborg.

The Søby Church was inaugurated in 1745 and is a pietisk church, both inside and out. The sanctuary was changed in 1976 by architect Alan Havsteen-Mikkelsen.

Aero’s Single Folk Festival is held annually in Søby – Friday, Saturday, Sunday at the end of each July. The festival started in year 2000 and is the only single-festival in Denmark but has evolved over time to be a festival for both, singles and couples.

Søby is barely 15 kilometers from Ærøskøbing and 23 km from Marstal is the starting point for the more than 200 km long hiking-Archipelago Trail connecting Ærø Langeland, Tåsinge and Funen.

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