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Food and Restaurants on Aeroe Island

Food and Restaurants on Aeroe Island - Kongensgade34Kongensgade 34 in Marstal

As much as Aero the island is one large museum of medieval history, there are also unexpected hip-cool-modern developments. Kongensgade 34, the hippest and modern styled Cafeteria-Restaurant on Aero in the centrum of Marstal, styled tastefully in a modern, zebra wood and stainless steel minimalist design theme.

If you want to have breakfast or lunch, this is the place to go. Good Cappuccinos, Espresso and Lattes and ‘Fair trade’ Coffee only! All organic foods, freshly home made breads, humus, smoked salmon, wines and other delicatessen you will not find anywhere else on the island. A ‘must see’. Support the evolution!
Kongensgade 34
5960 Marstal
Tlf. 6253 3734
Fax 6253 3634

Website: kongensgade34.dk

Food and Restaurants on Aeroe Island - Cafe Aroma

Cafe Aroma in Ærøskøbing

When looking for a place to eat and other restaurants are closing, tCafe Aroma might still be open. The food is very good, reasonable and a good variety with large portions to choose from. The fish and chips are very good and don’t miss the ice-cream from the Aroma Parlor next door, probably one of the best European ice creams you have had!

Gilleballetofte 2A,
5970 Ærøskøbing, Denmark
Tel: +45 62 52 40 02

Website: www.cafe-aroma.dk

Ærøskøbing RøgeriAeroskobing Rogeri in Ærøskøbing

This is a must try if you are a fan of smoked fish. A local restaurant that serves mouthwatering smoked salmon and many other fish dishes you probably will ever taste. It is even very hard to decide which to order as all their food is so delicious and has a good variety to offer. The staff is very friendly and forthcoming.



Havnen 15, Ærøskøbing, Denmark

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