Aeroe Island in Vogue Magazine

Article about Aeroe Island in VOGUE – September 26, 2016 There are over 400 little islands dotting the water around Denmark (though only a fraction of those are inhabited), and while many of them are quite enchanting, Ærø is a standout. The best way to see the island is by bike. You’ll likely arrive by […]

Aeroskobing Rogeri

Aeroskobing Rogeri (danish name is Ærøskøbing Røgeri) This is a must try if you are a fan of smoked fish. A local restaurant that serves mouthwatering smoked salmon and many other fish dishes you probably will ever taste. It is even very hard to decide which to order as all their food is so delicious and has a […]

After Hours Shop-Marstal

After Hours Shop-Marstal: In case you do not know, on Aeroe stores are closed from Saturday afternoon to Monday morning. Or, after 5/6pm during the week as well. And what I mean is when things are closed on Aero, everything is really closed but we are happy to tell you that there is one little […]

Food and Restaurants

Food and Restaurants on Aeroe Island Kongensgade 34 in Marstal As much as Aero the island is one large museum of medieval history, there are also unexpected hip-cool-modern developments. Kongensgade 34, the hippest and modern styled Cafeteria-Restaurant on Aero in the centrum of Marstal, styled tastefully in a modern, zebra wood and stainless steel minimalist […]