Hammerichs Hus Museum

Hammerichs Hus - Ærø MuseumHammerichs Hus Museum: is the place where you can find the good stories. The house has a special collection of rarities by the sculptor Gunnar Hammerich, which he made throughout his career as a diligent collector. He had a nerv for Dutch tiles which covers the interior and it is one of the largest collections in Denmark.

You can also take a look at kellingehusen-china glassware, household items and other goodies. Gunnar Hammerich even sculptured the people he met throughout his life. For example, you will find a bust of Chico Moreno from northern Brazil which he went 3000 km with his family to ask the president for help against the advancing civilization. Hammerich also brought a parrot from south-america which he carried for many years on his shoulder. These days the parrot has become a stuffed version,  waiting for museum visitors to see this “Ærø treasury”.

Hammerichs Hus Museum
Gyden 22
5970 Ærøskøbing

Tel: +45 62 52 29 50
Website: www.arremus.dk


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