Naebbet (aka Næbbet)

Naebbet is a landform southeast of Skjoldnæs lighthouse on Aeroe’s northern island tip and is one of the South Funen Archipelago most characteristic examples of a bilateral built landform. This is where east and westbound currents meet which by nature allocates materials from Aeroe’s north east coast. Small islands like Neabbet are shaped and formed by compounding ocean floor gravel from the colliding currents.

In 1975, Naebbet was established as a natural and protected area with particular breeding grounds for a variety of animals such as Arctic Terns, coots, swans, ducks, oystercatchers, redshank and also plovers have also seen. There rocky coast with deep water close to shore is also good for fishing or taking a cold summer swim.

Naebbet is an important archaeological site with a settlement from the late Palaeolithic period (12,500 to 3,900 BC). Among other things such rare ancient tools have been found, for example a 6,000 year old spear with a forked tip that was used to impale the fish and many others. How knows, you might find something yourself.


Voderup Klint

Voderup Klint

sobygaard museum

Soebygaard Museum

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