Aeroe has the World’s largest Electric Ferry

The world’s largest electric ferry named ELLEN completed its first voyage with passengers in August 2019 in Denmark. It is sailing between the southern Danish ports of Fynshav to Soby, on the island of Aero. The e-ferry is capable of carrying 30 vehicles and 200 passengers and is powered by a battery “with an unprecedented capacity” […]

Aeroe Island in Vogue Magazine

Article about Aeroe Island in VOGUE – September 26, 2016 There are over 400 little islands dotting the water around Denmark (though only a fraction of those are inhabited), and while many of them are quite enchanting, Ærø is a standout. The best way to see the island is by bike. You’ll likely arrive by […]

Rick Steves Explores Aeroe Video

Aeroe Golf Course

Aeroe Golf Course The Aeroe Golf Course is located on the northern tip of Aeroe island. Its is part of  the city of Soeby and while you play the wind will surely by your side. Enjoy an incredible view while you play and breath taking nature surrounding you. Before you arrive you can make arrangements and order a […]

Aeroe ferry Schedule

There are 3 options to get to Aeroe Island by car: 1. Faaborg > Søby (Aeroe) 2. Svendborg > Fyn > Ærøskøbing (Aeroe) 3. Rudkøbing > Langeland > Marstal (Aeroe) Ferries And Transport from and to Aeroe – for more information call +4562-524 000 or visit the Aeroe Ferry website for booking and sailing schedule here: www.aeroe-ferry.com