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Toldbodhus Bed & Breakfast (B&B)

Toldbodhus AeroeskoebingNear harbor on corner of Smedegade at Brogade. Three rooms share two bathrooms in the main house, and a small garden house has a double room with a detached bathroom (includes bathrobes). Karin and John Steenberg named each room after cities they’ve lived in.

• Location
The Toldbodhus is located in Aeroeskoebing on the island of Aeroe. Conveniently close to the harbor in walking distance from the Aeroeskoebing Ferry.

• Short Description
Centrum of Aeroeskoebing / 4 rooms / breakfast room / nicely and tasteful furnished in different themes (London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Hong kong)



Toldbodhus Aeroeskoebing
Pension/Bed & Breakfast
Brogade 8
5970 Ærøskøbing
Tel: +(45) 62 52 18 11

Det Lille Hotel

Det Lille Hotel

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