Voderup Klint

Voderup Klint

The geology  of Voderup Klint is unique and is 33 meters high cliff on Aero Island. It consists of subsiding terrace-like giant steps linking the sea and the high islands in a gracious way.

The 3½ km long coastline was protected in 1957 and in 1991 the cliff was further classified as a special/unique landscape and is now a geological-protected area.

The cliff faces south and is one of the southernmost areas of Denmark and therefore warmer than the average which spoils a rich and brought animal and plant life. The rare Stor Guldl beetle was discovered at the beginning of May 1996 on Voderup Klint and has been  since a part of Aeroe in Denmark. It is estimated that Voderupbestanden has about 250 beetles.

The cliff is owned by the government which ensures public access and the cultivation of the fields on and surrounding the cliff. Preserving the nature as much as possible is the idea plus the natural care is guaranteed due to no spraying or fertilizing during the summer season.

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Soebygaard Museum

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