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Article about Aeroe Island in VOGUE – September 26, 2016

There are over 400 little islands dotting the water around Denmark (though only a fraction of those are inhabited), and while many of them are quite enchanting, Ærø is a standout.

The best way to see the island is by bike. You’ll likely arrive by ferry to the quaint town of Ærøskøbing. Stop into Den Gamle Købmandsgaard (DGK Shop for short), a café and market selling locally sourced goods, from soap to schnapps (the Ærø drink of choice), and plenty of prepared food, too. Pick up picnic provisions, rent a bike from one of the many vendors in town, and head out toward the beach. On sunny days, you’ll find a handful of locals lounging on the sand at Eriks Hale Beach. The water is chilly, but a quick dip is something of a Danish rite of passage. Take a sip or two of schnapps to fortify yourself and dash into the water. Then wander along the beach and snap some photos of the colorful little beach huts (passed down from generation to generation by Ærø’s families).

When you’re ready to move on, warm up with a visit to Rise Bryggeri, an outstanding brewery that has been in operation for 90 years. The wonderful owners will be more than happy to show you around and provide a tasting of their many brews. Afterward, work up an appetite (and work off those beers) with a bike ride back to Ærøskøbing. The perfect day in Ærø ends with a visit to Cafe Aroma, known for its excellent ice cream and tasty licorice. Get both!

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