AeroeskoebingAeroeskoebing – The historic center of Aeroe

The town of Aeroeskoebing represents the historic center of the island, with narrow lanes and cinematic houses with cobble stoned streets. Aeroeskoebing, which came to be known as a skippers town in the 17th century, was also called “a Lilliputian souvenir of the past”. It is a very popular landing spot for sailors and skippers who cruise the european islands. Aeroe is heavily visited during summer and travel seasons. The town of Aeroeskoebinge was awarded the coveted Europa Nostra prize in 2000.


marstal church-kirkeMarstal – One of the 3 main cities on Aeroe

The main port is Marstal and its also the economic center of Aeroe. The city of Marstal on Ærø island, Denmark, was a small town based on fishing in the 16th century but developed in the 18th century into an important maritme city. A cozy town with narrow streets.



SoebySøby – Famous for its ship restoration facilities

The city of Soby has its own harbor and is famous for its ship restoration facilities. You will still find old galleons and Viking boats being restored in this harbor, utilizing ancient 16th century techniques in combination with modern technology.